Friday, April 8, 2011

Jump Ropes and More Orphanages !

We started off our day at the hospital today by visiting the Pre-Op room to see who will be having surgery today. We brought prince and princess crowns so that the kids could decorate them. When we started handing them out, we realized that not only the children wanted a crown but also their parents. By the time we were done handing them out, the whole room was filled with kings, queens, prince, and princesses. We also did a dental hygiene presentation and handed out toothbrushes to the whole ward. As we were getting through the door to leave, 5 girls followed us to the patio to play jump rope. We tried to join in, but wow they were flying! Out of breath, we crawled over to the Post-Op rooms.

We had been in this room many times before but today it was different. Today we got to visit all of the patients that we had seen in surgery the day before. This was such a unique experience. Most babies were awake and although some were cranky, many of them looked content. Since we had extra supplies from Pre-Op, we decided to crown all of the babies as well. We also gave out get well soon cards to Op Smile patients as well as some Non-Op Smile patients in a different part of the ward. They were all so grateful to see that they were cared for as well.
Then as we walked back from Post-Op, we met Peter, who became a lifesaver when it came to presenting and going to orphanages. Peter is the 13 year old son of one of the nurses who volunteers for Operation Smile in Pre-Op, and he is on school break from boarding school and wanted to get involved in Op Smile. He did a magnificent job translating when we presented to a group of patients waiting to be screened  for surgery (we are so happy the team continues to try and fit in as many surgeries as possible!).
After lunch, we headed out on our way to visit some orphanages to present to them and bring them some supplies.  After driving down several bumpy dirt roads, we arrived at this pretty, well-kept large house.  Around 30 children live at this orphanage, and it was run by this really sweet woman who truly seemed to care about the children and the sense of family amongst them.  All of the children were extremely polite and introduced themselves to us right as we got out of the van. We got a tour of the home and then the kids came inside and welcomed us by singing to us. On our way out, we played with the kids in the front courtyard and did a Dental Hygiene presentation. At the end, we handed out toothbrushes and a bright orange soccer ball. 

Thank you PAHS Op Smile!

Connection of the Day:
Century:While we were playing with a few of the patients in Child Life, including both Margaret and Margaret, who we met on the first day of screening, Rachael’s name was called to go in for surgery.  Her mom had just left to go to the grocery store because she was told it would be a few hours before she would go in the OR. I saw Donna, the clinical coordinator, sitting with Rachael outside the theatre, and I went over and tried to talk and comfort Rachael, but she was not scared one bit. She has had palate surgery before, so this was nothing new for her.  Once Donna took Rachael back into the operating room, I changed into my scrubs again and walked back to where Bob and Theresa would be operating on her.  I watched the whole surgery, and the surgeons were so kind as to explain what they were doing and why. Her palate looked awesome when they were finished! I cannot wait to see her tomorrow in Post-Op.
Century with Rachael and her mom


  1. What a wonderful program you are a part of. I just love reading about your experiences. Great job Karina! This is so amazing!

  2. I just want to say that the whole Lewis Family is sooooo extremely proud of you, Karina! We are STUNNED by your charisma, unselfishness, "guttsiness", ETC!!! You,young lady,are an inspiration!