Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Less than a week left for Kenya!

AHHH! Only 6 days until the trip that alone, will transform the lives of more than 200 children, one of them being me. My journey began way before the actual trip, all of the preparation leading up to the 12 days on the mission has probably been the most work that I have put into something that I am so passionate about. With the help of family, friends, local schools, and businesses I was able to accomplish everything that needed to be done before my mission in only 2 months.

I began by asking local businesses for monetary donations. I was soon reminded by my lovely parents that its all about CONNECTIONS! I remembered that one of my friends Amy Chung had approached me with a generous offer that her mothers company could possibly be willing to provide for me. With the help of Amy and her mother, I was able to get my $500 team fee covered for the trip!

So, I now had 35 days to figure out how I would fill up 2 duffle bags filled with toys, toothbrushes, books, bubbles,balls, ect...
I brainstormed and came up with four ideas that got me there:
 1. I passed out flyers to my ever so generous neighbors. HUGE success right there. I filled up a box with donations within two weeks! Thank you neighbors you guys are the best. (:

 2. I went to my dentist and orthodontist and asked if they would be so kind and donate toothbrushes and gloves. Their answer..."Yes, ofcourse!". Toothbrushes and gloves...CHECK! Thank you Dr. Brandon and Dr. Johnson ! (:

 3. I went to Vista del Mar elementary school with the Co- president Frannie and future president of the Op Smile club Makena Graves to ask if we could do some crafts with the kids to take to Kenya. This was also a huge success. The 5th graders helped make cards, sock puppets and decorated eco-friendly bags. A huge thanks to those 5th graders who helped along with Mr.Young for helping coordinate everything.

4. Last but not least my mom contacted her co-worker, Kim Kuykendall who owns her own company. Kim donated $200 for me to use on Oriental Trading. This was a huge help for me. I could easily pick out all of the things that I thought would work well with the kids in Kenya. Thank you mami and Kim!! (:

If getting all of the supplies for my mission was hard, filling up the two duffle bags took 3 hours, sweat, and my 3 family members. The bags had to be under 50lbs... we got them to be one or two lbs over...hopefully they will be okay.
I still have to dedicate this weekend to pack up my carry-on filled with my clothes..ahhh!

Last weekend and the weekend before I dedicated to making posters for my presentations that Century and I will have to present in Kenya to the orphanages and pre& post operation patients. I am almost done and we have set up a Skype date this weekend to practice...can't wait (:

Countdown: 6 days

By: Karina Gadea


  1. Karina,
    I cannot wait to read more about this incredible experience ahead of you!
    Miss you already!
    Nikki Floom

  2. Karina!!! I am so impressed about your blog! I am hooked! It is like a soap opera...what is going to happen next!? I look forward to following you and century on the rest of your trip! Congrats on getting all those donations too! WOW!!
    Erin Keane

  3. thank you Nikki and Erin for reading and following :) I am having the time of my life. can't wait to talk to you guys about it in person !